Donors giving $1M+ to Majority PAC:

Fred Eychaner -- Group # 7Edit

  • Title, Corporation (link to Bloomberg Businessweek company overview)
  • Total donated to this Super PAC -- amount
  • Other PACs donated to:
    • Name -- amount
    • Name -- amount
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  • Wikipedia page: Donor Name (link to)
  • Political motivations:

James Simons -- Do not select this donor (appears on another page)Edit

Franklin Haney -- Group # 8Edit

  • Founder, FLH Company, LLC
  • According to Bloomberg Businessweek, "Franklin L. Haney Company, LLC engages in real estate and property development activities in the United States. It develops convention center luxury hotels, apartments, hotels, parking garages, and office buildings. The company also engages in Coca-Cola bottling and beer distributorship activities. Franklin L. Haney Company, LLC was founded in 1967 and is based in Washington, District of Columbia."
  • Total donated to this Super PAC: $2M
  • Other PACs donated to:
    • Majority PAC: $1M
    • Priorities USA Action: $1M
  • Muckety Map
  • Wikipedia Page: Franklin Haney "Not Available"
  • Political motivations: According to an article in New York Times titled "Gore Backer Acquitted of Campaign Violations" states,"A longtime political supporter of Vice President Al Gore was acquitted today of charges that he funneled about $100,000 in illegal contributions to President Clinton, Mr. Gore and other politicians. The defendant, Franklin L. Haney, was found not guilty of 42 charges that he tried to mask illegal political contributions in hopes of gaining influence with powerful Democrats."